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black women lingerie

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Buy plus size silk lingerie Underwear Online – 3 Reasons to Buy Underwear Online

Underwear is a necessity for every black women lingerie woman. However, sometimes buying them can be a big chore that we would rather not do. That’s where buying underwear online comes into play. Here are three reasons every woman shouldbuy underwear online.


ladies sexy lingerie Convenience sometimes you just don’t feel like driving to your favorite store to pick up some new underwear. And if you have a computer and access to the internet you canbuy underwear onlineright from the comfort of your home. When youbuy underwear onlineyou don’t have to worry about time constraints or long lines. The internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That means you can shop whenever it is convenient for you.

Better large women lingerie Deals When youbuy underwear onlineyou almost always find better deals. That’s because your not limited to just the stores in your area. When you buy underwear online you can shop at any store in the world. And the best part is that many stores will offer free shipping to new customers. Sometimes you canfind underwear onlinefor half the cost that you will find it in your local store. Just make sure you know your exact sizes.

Otherwise you will have to ship things back and forth until you get it right. Before you buy underwear online go into your local store and buy a few that you think are you size. Go home and try them on to see which ones fit the best. That way you will know your right size when you buy your underwear online.

Again, when you  black sexy lingerie buy underwear online you have access to stores all over the world. That means underwear you can’t get in your local area you will be able to order off the internet. Women love variety. That’s why it makes sense for them to buy underwear online. Add that to the fact that you can save money and you have a win, win situation.

Overall I think its a great idea to buy underwear online. The one thing I would tell you is to be careful. Unfortunately there are a lot of scam artists out there. Just because something looks good doesn’t mean its good. You absolutely must use caution when shopping online. If you run across a website or company you have never heard of, do proper research before you place an order with them.

large size lingerie

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UK large size lingerie underwear and lingerie strong in recession

‘Lingerie cheap lingerie sets Market Report 2010’, a new report from Key Note Publications Ltd examines the UK lingerie market, which encompasses corsetry, lingerie and hosiery. According to the report the market has performed well over the review period (2005 to 2009), and has withstood the sharp declines experienced by many retail sectors during the recession. This, the report says, is partly due to the essential nature of underwear purchasing, but the industry has also benefited from many women viewing lingerie as a relatively inexpensive pick-me-up at a time when the recession was biting into other areas of spending. The total UK lingerie market reached a value of 2.8bn in 2009, representing a 16.1% increase since 2005.


Hosiery is best performer in 2009The report says blue laca eunderwear hosiery was the best-performing sector in terms of value growth in 2009, and in the past 2 years, innovation and new product development have soared as young and older women alike rediscovered the fashion potential of tights and stockings."Opaque tights, in particular, acquired a much greater fashion status in 2009, causing volume sales to increase. More young women are now wearing tights, and there has been a great deal of innovation in footless tights, which are now staple garments for many young female consumers,"the report says.

Technological advances drive plus size lingerie sale bra and shapewear sectorsThe report goes on to say that technological advancements have driven the bra industry, and the market is currently highly competitive in terms of offering products with unique and multi-functional properties. Manufacturers are also said to have used technological development to increase the comfort and effectiveness of shapewear, which has become a major sales driver for the sector.

Media fuelling interest in making sexy black lace lingerie most of fuller figures“Even the relatively traditional mixed retailer Bhs offers corsets, bodies and support hosiery alongside its usual underwear and sleepwear ranges,"the report says. The media is said to be continuing to fuel interest in making the most of fuller figures, and television programmes such as ‘How to Look Good Naked’ stress the importance of a well-fitting bra and the use of shapewear.

UK industry to bounce back after recessionUK manufacturing appeared to suffer some loss of business in 2008, according to the report, although imports and exports remained steady."No doubt the industry will bounce back after the worst of the recession is over. In terms of the retail market, the competitive arena is becoming increasingly crowded. Lingerie specialists, both on the high street and online, are encroaching on the territory traditionally dominated by the mixed retailers and fashion multiples. Supermarkets, too, are looking to increase market share by offering designer styles at high-street prices. On the other hand, Marks Spencer, the dominant lingerie retailer claimed that it had increased its market share over 2009, reinforcing its status and firmly making it the one to watch in 2010, the report says.

Pricing will remain the keyLingerie Market Report 2010 goes on to say that the market is definitely looking upwards in terms of quality and sophistication; however, in the future, pricing will remain key. Online retailing for lingerie has proved successful, and this will add to an extremely price-sensitive market.

Nike LeBron 12 Low Performance Review

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1.Traction – Nothing has changed in the traction department between the Nike LeBron 12 and the LeBron 12 Low. I guess the one thing that you could consider a change is that there are solid rubber options finally available, whereas the LeBron 12 only offered translucent outsoles to my knowledge. As far as how they played–exactly the same as the original. I personally had no issues with their traction unless there was a considerable amount of dust. They performed really nicely outdoors and indoors and I enjoyed them, just as I had the original 12s.

2.Cushion – The cushion setup has changed and I actually think it’s better in the low than it was in the mid. While the forefoot is missing a Hex Zoom unit, the units are bottom loaded, and you couldn’t really feel them anyway, so you aren’t missing much. While you won’t experience much change in the forefoot, the heel feels awesome. They’ve replaced the large volume Zoom unit with a 180 Air Max unit. Basically, you get maximum cushion in the heel while you receive decent cushion up front that happens to offer greater flexibility and mobility. I don’t think anyone will complain about the cushion setup since it offers a little bit of everything. Pretty well rounded for a LeBron, as far as cushion is concerned, and I loved it.

3.Materials – The regular LeBron 14 for sale used a mesh upper with MegaFuse overlays while the lows feature very little Fuse and a lot of open mesh. Is there a huge difference between the two? Not really. While the mesh uppers haven’t changed too much, the Posite support wings have practically been removed completely and I think that was a huge mistake.

4.Fit – They fit pretty snug, but it’s mesh build so I’d go true to size. They feel great on-foot and require no break in time at all. Containment is solid for the most part – at least in the heel and forefoot – but there is one area where they fail miserably and that’s the midfoot. Remember that Posite that they removed? Yeah…these need that. The Posite material that remains works well for keeping your heel in place – something that is notoriously confused as ankle support – however, the upper portion of the shoe directly above the Posite just can’t contain lateral movements at all. Even with very little weight/ force applied the material gives, and without a HyperRev (original) type strap to keep your foot inside the shoe let’s just say the result can be rolling your ankle within the shoe. This is something I haven’t had happen to me since playing in the dreaded Kobe 7’s.

5.Support – Due to the aforementioned issue at the midfoot, the support suffers greatly. Sure, the outrigger works well, and the Posite – as stated earlier – that’s in place does a fine job at keeping the heel in place, but the upper just can’t handle any type of force applied. Its a pretty big letdown as these cover all the other bases really well. Unfortunately, if you wear these you’re just asking for an ankle injury.

Overall – I can’t remember the last time this has happened – the KD 10 For Sale is the only model that comes to mind at the moment – but everything in the shoe is solid except the lateral support. Traction, cushion, materials, fit (for the most part) is all really nice. If you can’t play in them they’re pretty much worthless on-court. They look great casually, so if that’s all you care about then they’ve got you covered. But if you wanted to play in a pair for kd10sale.com , you’ve been warned.

chinese lingerie wholesale

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Lingerie chinese lingerie wholesale maker Nubian Skin brings nuance to the underwear color 'nude'


The email sounded too good to be true: an unsolicited lingerie suppliers china offer to help dress Beyonce and her dancers for the megastar's Formation World Tour. But after checking it out with friends in show business, Londoner Ade Hassan confirmed the solicitation was legitimate. Soon the details came.

"Brilliant. Here are [Beyonce's] sizes and her colors," Corset Manufacturer China the emailer wrote. Hassan set to work filling a high-prestige order for her small business. Nubian Skin provided T-shirt bras, thongs and briefs for the concert tour, which became one of the biggest grossing tours of 2016.

"We were a little bit gobsmacked," Hassan said of the order.

Launched in October 2014, Nubian Skin sells what's been generally difficult to find in the main-line marketplace: hosiery and lingerie matching darker skin tones.

Along with Beyonce's tour, Nubian Skin garments have been seen in the Oscar-nominated film "Hidden Figures," the story of three black women who worked as mathematicians at NASA, and on the Fox TV show "Empire." They can be found at Main Street retailers and online. Colors called cafe au lait, caramel, cinnamon and berry speak to the range of skin tones among the women to whom Hassan caters.

"One of my recurring frustrations had been never being able to find tights that were the right color or just having a nude bra that I could wear under a white blouse- any blouse, really," Hassan said during an interview from her office in the British capital.

wholesale Plus Size Lingerie

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Aerie wholesale Plus Size Lingerie Makes the Best Mall-Brand Underwear


It has corset skirts sets taken the better part of my adulthood to find underwear that I felt comfortable with someone else seeing me in. I'm not 100 percent comfortable with my lil' muffin top, so I'm always on the hunt for clothing that hugs my soft bits without accentuating the divot between the crest of my upper thigh and the beginning of my adorable stomach.

I've spent countless hours trying on scores of underthings that seemed to hang seamlessly on firm bodies but would get lost in my natural creases, creating the illusion that I was wearing a lace merkin.

The unexpected frontrunner? Aerie by American Eagle - yep, the same brand that brought you your seventh-grade fake sports team hoodie and ultra-wash denim is my favorite place to shop for affordable, cute undies.

What's kept me coming back to the mall for just a few more pairs is one incredible feature: a wide, soft, comfortable waistband in all the essential styles. The Thong, Cheeky, and Bikini all come equipped with a lacy waistband that doesn't pinch natural creases; instead, it softly hugs your hips.

cute lace underwear

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A sheer delight! Nicole cute lace underwear Trunfio reveals her racy lingerie beneath a see-through silk dress as she enjoys belated Maldives honeymoon with Gary Clark Jr.

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lingerie wholesa leuk

She's been celebrating a romance-filled belated honeymoon in the Maldives with husband of one year Gary Clark Jr.

And on Saturday, Nicole Trunfio, 31, sported yet another raunchy outfit from the lavish vacation, daring-to-bare her ample assets in a see-through lace gown.

In the hours prior to the loved-up snap, the model documented her entire lazy day, including breathtaking vision of he luxury surrounds.

Scroll down for video 

Romantic! On Saturday, Nicole Trunfio, sported yet another raunchy outfit from her lavish Maldives honeymoon with Gary Clark Jr.

Captioning the romantic night-time snap 'dinner for two on the island,' she clutched her hunky hubby and shot a sensual stare.

Covering her modesty in nothing but a tiny two-piece bikini, Nicole flaunted her side-profile in the low-light snap. 

RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Steaming up the camera lens! Nicole Trunfio flaunts her pert... Nicole Trunfio shows off curvy beach booty while... 'Mrs Clark': Nicole Trunfio stuns in skimpy white bikini as... An open-air bathroom, butler on-hand, homemade ice cream and... Share this article Share Looking cool and carefree beside her, Gary sported a wide-brimmed hat, exposing a bit of skin himself as he popped a few buttons on his navy shirt.

The lover's feet were met by soft white sand in the picture, with a romantic table setting behind them ready to enjoy after the mandatory couple's snap.

On closer inspection: Shortly after, the 31-yer-old gave fans an even closer look at her daring lacy outfit, pictured sitting on a rusty wooden swing

Shortly after, Nicole gave fans an even closer look at her daring lacy outfit, pictured sitting on a rusty wooden swing.

With a glass of wine in hand, even the stunning model looked impressed with her ensemble, appearing to ogle her own cleavage with a down-cast gaze.

The romantic evening was the icing on the cake for her 'epic day,' which the beauty documented in-full for followers.

After a lazy nap in a hammock suspended over crystalline water by two trees, Nicole flashed her stunning bikini and makeup free complexion in a mirror selfie.

'Epic' day: The romantic evening was the icing on the cake for her 'epic day,' which the beauty documented in-full for followers, beginning with a nap in a hammock

Get a hold of your selfie! Nicole flashed her stunning bikini and makeup free complexion in a mirror selfie

Breathtaking! Hours later, video showed traversing their simply breathtaking floating accommodation by bicycle

 Nice view! Sipping what looked like a fruity cocktail, Gary pedalled beside Nicole, who spun the camera to show the rows-upon-rows of tiny wooden huts that were raised above the water 

Hours later, video showed traversing their simply breathtaking floating accommodation by bicycle.

Sipping what looked like a fruity cocktail, Gary pedalled beside Nicole, who spun the camera to show the rows-upon-rows of tiny wooden huts that were raised above the water by stilts.

Flaunting her slender frame once again in the next snap, the beauty wore a plunging silk crop top and tiny cutoff denim jeans.

Completing the outfit with wide-brimmed glasses and a slouch hat, she stood in-front of a mural board made from a tree, which emerged from clear blue water below.

Silky smooth: Flaunting her slender frame once again in the next snap, the beauty wore a plunging silk crop top and tiny cutoff denim jeans

Epic end: As the sun went down, Nicole was pictured from behind, staring into the pink and orange-hued sky behind her

As the sun went down, Nicole was pictured from behind, staring into the pink and orange-hued sky behind her. 

Nicole and her new husband have been busy snapping shots from their picturesque holiday since arriving earlier in the week. 

The holiday marks the couple's long-overdue honeymoon, having exchanged vows last April in a lavish Palm Springs ceremony.

Jetting to the popular Maldives islands for the escape, the duo have been staying at the Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani resorts at a cost $2504 AUD a night. 

Swim good: The beauty has been sharing raunchy snaps almost hourly during her lavish vacation

Long time coming: The holiday marks the couple's long-overdue honeymoon, having exchanged vows last April in a Palm Springs ceremony

Lovers: The genetically blessed lovers are regular seen cutting stunning figures on awards show red carpets and gala events 


Nike KD 9 performance reviews

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Nike KD 9 performance reviews

Traction – I keep doing this, but I really can’t help it. The brain can’t help but judge certain things by how they look prior to experiencing it first hand. Traction on the Nike KD 9 looks like it would be trash, but it performed the exact opposite. In fact, there were times when traction was too good. Will every pair perform at such a high level? Without testing each pair it’s impossible to say. What I do know is that the rubber compound used on the versions with solid rubber outsoles will offer you incredibly sticky traction.

Were there times when you had to wipe? Yes, as is the case with most shoes. However, if I didn’t have time to wipe during game play the traction still held strong until I was able to get a chance to clean the outsole real quick.

Cushion – Full length Max Zoom in articulated fashion. This sh*t is amazing. Smooth transition, ultimate impact protection, and ultimate responsiveness. This cushion setup is everything you’d expect it to be and then some. The best feature is not what was just mentioned, but the fact that Nike was able to provide such attributes to the setup while still retaining mobility. All positions will be able to wear and enjoy these bad boys. Unlike full length setups of the past, these aren’t stiff or rigid to move around in. You’re fairly close to the ground, and you don’t feel as if you’re wearing a full length Air unit due to the segregated forefoot.

I was slightly disappointed with the full length Zoom setup we received in last year’s KD 8, but Nike made up for it with these guys. One thing to note is that the lateral forefoot section will collapse a bit if you land on it. With the KD 8, there were two TPU bumpers in that same location to prevent such a thing from occurring. I never rolled my ankle, or received any injury from the issue. However, it was something that was noticeable enough to throw into the review. When jumping, whether it be for a jump shot, to contest a shot, or for a rebound, try to not land on the lateral section of your forefoot. Sometimes you can’t help it due to being awkwardly vulnerable while in the air, but try to avoid it as best you ca

Materials – Flyknit. Not the heavily glued Flyknit, this is just Flyknit and some nylon backing it. Someone asked why would Nike use Flyknit if they were going to back it with nylon. The answer: it allows the Flyknit to do what Flyknit does while still providing a level of support that’s playable. Nylon won’t stretch in the same way that a knit would so the material will hold tight while still remaining flexible.

This is the best iteration of Flyknit we’ve received on a Nike Basketball model to date. I’m not going to go as far as saying it’s the best thing in the world, but if you’re like me and enjoy woven/ knitted uppers then you’re most likely going to enjoy the hell out of this setup. The material also got stepped on quite a bit, and while it’s dirty, it’s still in one piece.

The rear section is textile mesh, foam, and Fuse, and it’s nothing fancy. The rear section should provide enough structure and support for the foot so this setup works perfectly even though it doesn’t look as pretty as the forefoot area.

Fit – Like every other air jordan 2018 release date model that’s ever existed, I highly recommend trying these on in-store prior to purchasing. I went down 1/2 size and length wise they fit perfectly. They’re hard as hell to get on my foot, but once they’re on I’m locked in perfectly, just the way I like it. However, the left shoe’s seam gave me a ton of pain for the first few wears. It eventually broke-in, but it sure as hell was painful until then.

The one piece upper boot construction and the Nylon lacing system work well for the size I’m wearing. However, the lacing cables don’t move much so if you end up with a size that doesn’t fit you perfectly then you may have some minor heel slipping. Even though the heel is heavily padded and sculpted, that won’t makeup for an incorrect size issue.

Brace wearers: it’s pretty important that you bring your brace with you to try on shoes. That’s the only way to really ensure a sneaker will accommodate your additional attachment.

Support – The Nike KD 9’s support is essentially riding on one key aspect: the overall fit. If these fit sloppy in any way then we’ll have another LeBron 13 Low situation on our hands — with that shoe I was unable to fit 1/2 size down in which meant that the ankle lacing structure and heel section were just poorly designed. If your pair fits you perfectly then you’ll end up with a shoe that offers a one-to-one fit and plenty of mobility without lacking support.

The rest of the shoe is fairly standard as the rear section has the typical internal TPU heel counter. And, no, the tiny little KD logo is not the heel counter. It’s just a piece of plastic glued to the exterior section of the shoe. Meanwhile, the cushion system is flat and shaped just like your foot, providing you with great stability.

Overall – Nike did a decent job with the KD 8 while the KD 8 Elite felt like a cheap, unnecessary, and unfinished version of the KD 8. Luckily, that isn’t the case with the Nike KD 9. You’ll receive solid traction, fantastic cushion, great materials, and if you get the size that fits you best, you’ll also receive a solid and secure fit for optimal support. Some may think that getting all this for $150 is a steal, and I whole-heartily disagree. Getting all this for $150 is exactly what we should be getting. $150 isn’t exactly chump change. Paying above $150 for a sneaker is really just paying for a novelty item. It might look cool, but it’s usually not worth it. http://www.kd10sale.com

However, your money will be well spent when it comes to the Nike KD 9 and kd 10 for sale. If I like something enough to want to grab another colorway then that’s how I know that they’re pretty money on-court.


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Thirteen?!?! Hard to believe Melo has been in the league as long as he has, but yes, here it is, his thirteenth signature from Jordan Brand. The Melo line was long thought of as the “luxury” sig, right below the Jordan model as far as materials and technology. How will the Jordan Melo M13 compare to the rest of the line? You know how we do…

How do I say this? Oh, I know: not good. To start with, the pattern only has lines that run across, and nothing breaking up the pattern to give the shoe something to hold on to when playing laterally. These work decent on a really clean court, but for the normal courts most of you will play on, not so much.

Then JB added moguls to the Melo M13 sole pattern. Yeah, moguls — like on a snowy mountain and you ski down them. These are supposed to give the sole more of a cleated feel, to compress and give texture to the flat sole, and really, they don’t. The nubs end up compressing completely and then you get a flat sole with only horizontal parallel lines for traction. Again, if you play on NBA, college, or even well-kept high school courts you should be good. For the rest of us who play where we see a hoop, well, good luck — the next Winter Olympics is looking for skaters.

Outdoors, I don’t even know. The grooves are shallow and the rubber is not extremely hard or durable, so I wouldn’t recommend using the Melo M13 outdoors for very long.

Jordan hit a massive home run with Unlocked Zoom in the XX8 and has since modified and evolved from there with some good iterations and some bad. The Melo M13 uses the Flight Speed system and Unlocked Zoom from the Jordan XX9, which rides lower and more stable than the original example. The forefoot is well cushioned and responsive with the Zoom pushing your foot back on compression. The nubs on the bottom give a weird sensation when added to the mix, adding even more compression under the ball of the foot for a more forgiving ride. Honestly, this is the XX9 forefoot because it feels exactly the same; it rides low with great impact protection and springs back to place quickly.

Jordan Brand decided with the Jordan XX9 that heel Air was not needed, so we were introduced to a cored-out section of foam in the heel of most of its shoes that year including the Super.Fly 2 and the Melo M11. Nothing has changed, as the M13 stays with the concept. Still a Phylon base, the heel area didn’t have any problems absorbing impact or taking force and was extremely stable on post-ups and hard plants. Foam done right does the job, as we have learned these past couple of years, and this Phylon is very close to correct. Cushioning is not the issue with the Melo M13.

The Melo M13 uses a mesh upper with Kurim overlays around the lateral side and heel, and the mesh feels great on-foot. Soft and flexible, there are no hot spots at all and the upper forms right around your foot when laced. The mesh isn’t as soft as the KD 10 heel or the nike hyperdunk 2016, but for the focus of the Melo line, this version is better because it provide a little more structure. Of course, there is the fuse area over the toecap (for drag) and along the seams (for strength).

Not sure what the Kurim is for, other than design. The individual pieces aren’t connected in any way, so besides looks, the only thing it could possibly be for is to protect the mesh from side swipes. The tongue is regular open cell mesh for some breathability. A little leather stripe placed along the heel for Melo’s signature is actually a nice touch — JB should have just made the heel wrap completely out of that leather.

The fit of the Melo M13 is nothing special, which is perfect. There are five fit straps through the forefoot and midfoot and two regular lace holes on the ankle, along with an internal bootie/tongue system. Altogether, these allow the shoe to be laced however tight or loose you need (for me, extra tight). Once laced solid, there is no heel slip or midfoot movement to really complain about, at least before playing (more on that next).

Sizing is dead on; a size 10.5 fits just like a 10.5 should, about a thumb width in the length from the end of my big toe. There is very little dead space over the toes in the toebox, so some wiggle room is there but not enough to move the wife and kids in. Even without the ankle pillows from the M12, the heel is locked when laced tight — no pulling your foot out without loosening the laces in the Melo M13.

And here is another problem with the Melo M13. First, the heel counter. Do you see it? Can you find it? Me either, because there isn’t one. That can be a problem, especially if you like a little extra help on bad landings or post up moves. Maybe Melo liked that omission, I don’t know, but I don’t.

However, the midfoot is supported by the Flight Speed system and it does a great job, like always. The plate keeps the midfoot straight and solid while making the transition smooth and fluid.

Now for forefoot containment. Again, there is none. Maybe not none, but the foot sits right on top of the midsole, so no sidewall help. The mesh is soft with no overlays, so no upper help. The lacing straps are just nylon ties going into the footbed — a little help but not enough. My foot, when it wasn’t sliding from lack of traction, was all over the place inside the shoe while cutting and stopping. The first two things I need are traction and stability/support/containment, and the Melo was far behind in both, at least for my kd10sale.com .

Nice try, but not quite. Felled by traction and support, the Melo M13 had potential. Cushioning was nice, even without heel Zoom. The materials were good, and aesthetically, I think it is one of the best Melo’s ever. That traction, though. Can’t do it. I hate, hate the feeling I get when I come off a screen and plant for a jumper and my lead foot keeps going. After that, it’s a guess whether the shoe will stop or not, and when it does, the upper can’t handle the torque, letting my foot roll over the footbed completely on some occasions.

If you are a stationary player, shooting endless 25 foot threes, or a real post that plants in the block for a 10 count, then the Melo M13 may be for you. If you are a dynamic player looking for movement and containment on hard cuts, nope, nada. The search continues for you. Much like Melo’s game, it seems the best years of his signature model are behind us as well.

Air Jordan 11 "72-10 the devil" Performance Reviews

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In the 1995-1996 season, Michael Jordan led the Chicago bulls made NBA history best 72 - 10 record, winning 87.8%.

The bull unstoppable, they have iron triangle which enemy feared : Air Jordan , Scott - Pippin and Rodman, a strong defensive offensive team, the Bulls also suffocating Jordan, Pippin and Rodman are the team of  NBA defensive which from the same team of three players at the same time select the best defensive player in the league history.

I love this design which the overall leather, patent leather toe, there is the cord on both side of shoes .though it is a bit dull .

Soles are translucent soles but compare with the conventional crystal, the sole of jordan 11 for sale will not clearly  , it is not obvious dirty but afraid  it is will become yellow some days later .

Workmanship : the overall work of the shoe is indeed better, leather texture is very strong.

Cushion: Full length air-sole , it is feel good .

Breathing : breath leather , and the perfection toe design , let shoes comfortable

Front : whatever the  design and colorway , Air Jordan 11 72 10 is perfect.

Overall , at kd10sale.com  have Jordan 11 not belong the light shoes but a little heavy , and soft leather let feet comfortable .and more fans will be attractive by new design of shoes .But if wear a long time , feet will not a little dull.

Jordan CP3.X peformance reviews

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Jordan CP3.X peformance reviews

The Jordan CP3.X red white is a perfect example of how just a single component of a shoe can take it from being a top class performer to collecting dust on a shelf.

The traction on the Jordan CP3.X wasn’t anything memorable but it got the job done. The traction pattern features a circular wave-like design that expands from the medial side of the foot. The pattern is very similar to the rubber overlay that sits on the upper and does a good job unifying the shoe’s design elements. The groves are also pretty thick and sturdy, which not only makes dust less of an issue, but also makes the traction pattern more durable.

Would I recommend them for outdoor use? That’s a tricky one because the compound is definitely more sturdy and durable than a lot of other shoes on the market, however, it doesn’t compare to a shoe that’s meant for outdoor play like one with XDR rubber. Overall, I was satisfied with the traction, but I wasn’t blown a way. If you’re looking for a shoe to stick to the floor like glue, I’d look somewhere else.

Remember when I said there was one aspect of the shoe that ruined it for me? Yep, it’s the cushioning. The Jordan CP3.X features the same forefoot articulated Zoom unit that was implemented in the Jordan Ultra.Fly and CP3.IX. In my opinion, I didn’t like it then, and I still don’t like it now.

The issue with this system, for me, is the fact that the individual Zoom pods are so small that they really don’t compress very much, which makes them feel hard. Of course, the more that I wore them the more the Zoom pods began to compress, but it really never felt comfortable for me. The model does provide for a lot of court feel, although that isn’t my preferred setup. But it wasn’t the court feel aspect that I had the problem with; the small Zoom units just felt uncomfortable and awkward, like there was something stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I almost would have preferred if there had been no Zoom in the forefoot at all because this would have allowed for the maximum amount of court feel, without the discomfort of the Zoom unit.

If you’re a fan of court feel, or if you’re heavy enough to really compress the Zoom unit, you may end up liking the cushioning more than I did. Overall, I really wish that Jordan had changed up the cushioning system for it’s latest model, but there’s always next year, right?

Jordan Brand absolutely killed it with the materials on Chris Paul’s newest shoe. When I first saw the overlay on the upper, I was quite skeptical. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way it looked and I was scared that the material was going to be a firm plastic. When I first held the shoe in my hand I was pleasantly surprised. The wave-patterned overlay that covers a good portion of the upper is made of a malleable rubber that does a great job keeping your foot in place, while also allowing your foot to flex when needed. It is very similar to the Kurim material that is found on the Jordan Ultra.Fly. The wave pattern ties in well with the outsole of the shoe, and the look has really started to grow on me.

The rest of the upper features a high quality performance weave which feels amazing on the foot. It is very soft to the touch and provides just the right amount of support while simultaneously wrapping around your foot. There was zero break in time needed with this upper, and right out of the box it was a joy to slip on my foot.

Because of the outstanding materials that Jordan Brand used, the support on the Jordan CP3.X was very good. As mentioned earlier, the rubber overlay did a great job in supporting the lateral side of the foot when making cuts, while not restricting forward movements.

One of my favorite features of this shoe is the lacing system. This setup features not only Flywire, but a dynamic setup that connects to the tongue. It’s a pretty unique system that allowed me to lace up the shoes extremely comfortably and tight. The V-shaped structure that the lacing system has also conformed to my foot quite well and looked great from the top down. I felt extremely secure in these shoes and loved the way that they wrapped around my foot.

The new CP3’s fit true to size. If you really want a tight fit with that woven upper, you could go down half a size. The combination of the rubber overlay and the performance woven upper provide a very snug fit, which pushes you down and helps to keep your heel in place. I never felt any issues with lockdown because of how well the lacing system keeps you strapped in.

JB was so close to hitting the nail right on the head with the Jordan CP3.X. If the cushion setup had been more comfortable I could see these being one of my go-to kd10sale.com for ball. However, because of the awkward feel of that Zoom unit, these are going to fall out of my rotation.