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The Jordan Trunner was the original cross-training shoe of the greatest basketball player alive. The Trunner was not meant for running, or training, but both, based on a basketball player’s needs. At least, that’s what we were told. Now, almost 20 years later, we have seen multiple evolutions and design changes, and we are here: the Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2.

Now, honestly, Jordan hasn’t been on the training radar for some time at WearTesters, but situations can change. Spoiler alert — this is a serious shoe. Follow along…

First off, this review covers three areas: weight room, running, and basketball. Really, what else is a trainer for, especially when it has a Jumpman on the side?

When in the weight room, the soles gripped perfect on squats on a concrete floor (the mat was gone), at the leg press they never slipped on the platform, and the base was solid for power movements.

When running, and only distances of less than two miles, the sole is too stiff but does provide great traction in all conditions, and is durable enough to withstand concrete and asphalt roads if needed. Longer runs would not be ideal, at least for this reviewer, because the forefoot has very little flex and foot fatigue set in after about a mile.

Now, the real surprise, basketball. On the dirty, nasty 24 Hour Fitness court that I test almost all of my basketball shoes on, the best traction I have used in the last three years was the adidas Rose 7. This may be second — seriously. Those little three-pronged cutouts had me glued in any direction at all times — front back, side to side (never let ________ ride).

Shocking is too weak a word. The first time these hit the court was after a chest day and was just for 3 on 3, to get a little sweat and some shots. The second time, the Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2 had to see full court and it worked the same; there was no fear of getting smoked on defense or slipping on the drive on offense. Yeah, nice.

What’s this, another surprise? Yeah, it says Zoom, but we have been fooled before by that little word. Rectangle Zoom unit with no feel encased in super-hard Phylon carrier? We know the story. WRONG. Wrong again.

The Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2 features an oval unit that is top-loaded so it is right under the forefoot; it offers immediate feedback and response underfoot. The Phylon is not super-soft — it needs to be a little harder for stability under weight bars — but breaks in nicely after about three wears.

On top of that Phylon is a padded strobel board that feels a lot like Poron, and then an open cell Ortholite insole. It all adds up to a very comfortable step-in feel as well as responsive cushioning for any activity. The Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2 rides low, so if you need heavy cushioning keep going, but fans of court feel, low ride, and quick response will love the shoe.

Oh, the heel? Stiff Phylon, but don’t worry. The insole and inner padding help the comfort there as well. You don’t want soft when you are under plates o’ weight, but the Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2 strikes a balance between too soft and brick that just works.

Flyknit, Flyknit, and more Flyknit. Hey, guess what the upper is made of? Next to the KD10, this may be the best Flyknit upper out. Yes, it still has the firm strands running through it, but the knit itself is soft and pliable, requiring no break-in time at all, so the strands are used for lateral support and don’t get in the way when flexing the forefoot.

The ‘knit still has a backing, but not the thick glue of a couple of basketball models (Kobe 9 and 10). Instead, we get a fabric lining under the knit for comfort.

The heel? Oh, just more Flyknit, but woven tighter for a better heel fit and support. The TPU strap over the midfoot actually works for lateral stability, especially during those basketball games when playing defense or going by a defender, and we already covered the tooling, and it was good. Next.

If you try these on, don’t give up. The Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2 feels extremely snug when it first goes on because it is — especially when the strap is pulled tight. Give the shoe a little while to learn. After those three wears it took to break in the midsole, the upper felt great as well.

What happened? Theory: the midsole became a bit compressed and became a little more flexible, so the upper feels broken in and looser. Not a bad loose, a “just right” loose.

As for length, dead on true to size. Perfectly true to size. Width, for my normal to slightly wide foot, was also spot-on true. For anything over that, you may want to go up half a size, but try them on if you can.

Heel slip? Nope, not at all. The lacing system and strap pull the whole shoe onto the foot and tie it up like a thick sock. The heel is also thinly but densely padded; that keeps a sleek speed look but wraps the heel area and hugs it tight.

Here is the thing: fit is easier now, with the materials being used. Wovens, knits, and meshes are easier to pull up on the foot and make mold to the wearer. Is it cheating? Nah, not if everyone is doing it. But the days of plastic fused uppers not molding, instead fighting the foot flex and making robotic popping sounds until broken in are, hopefully, over. Just take a knit, woven, or mesh, give some lace straps of wire, decent internal padding and heel counter, and fit should be a no-brainer. Should be.

When going for a true cross-trainer, support and stability have to be the main concern. When under that squat bar, or power-cleaning and pressing, you need your feet on solid ground and a platform that won’t budge.

The Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2 was a little soft in the midsole when compared to shoes like the Reebok Watt trainer and the Nike Metcon series. This was for playability and comfort while doing more dynamic movements like rope drills or running, but if you are a heavy Olympic-style lifter you may want to grab a denser midsoled shoe like the ones mentioned above.

The strap across the midfoot does actually work; it keeps your foot locked in the footbed on any and all lateral movements — especially on court (where I LOVED this shoe). The heel counter is not solid at all, but the lacing, padding, and strap all play a role in keeping your foot flat. If a solid heel counter was added the overkill would have led to a slappy, constricted feeling and the freedom the lowtop gives would be gone.

As for the outsole, the base is wide for those heavy lifts we already talked about, which also helped on court. This takes away from the distance running, but again, this shoe is not meant for that — just short runs and sprint-style work for other sports. The forefoot stiffness and width helped overall with lateral stability while playing and there were no worries about wearing this low-top on court.

This might be the best Jordan shoe on the market, no lie. Killer fit, good Zoom cushioning, materials are nice, and traction and support are both above most on the market. Expectations for this shoe were not high when the initial images surfaced, and even less when the box was opened.

What appeared to be an outlet for Jordan to highlight Flyknit and a large Jumpman logo was actually a shoe that is at home in any environment, and better than most shoes at every turn.

Only buy this shoe if you are serious about training in every forum — court, weights, running — and don’t want or need a separate shoe for every activity. The Jordan Flyknit Trainer 2 was a flashback to the days of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders signatures, shoes that were built for everything.

Great, GREAT job, Jordan Brand designers. This type of product makes me happy to see the Jumpman on my feet again.

Where to purchase new Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink 440892-029

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New Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink
Size Run: Mens
Color: Black/Deadly Pink-White
Style Code: 440892-029
Release Date: August 5, 201

So your little girl not only deserves a break but also some summer treats with the latest Nike sneakers to hit stores real soon. The New Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink migt just be the perfect summer present for your princess. Discover its great features and functions that will convince you even more.
All girls love a touch of pink as a display of femininity. Perfect for your little girl’s energetic vibe is the black, white and pink shades exclusive to the latest Air Jordan retro. Its pink accents characterized by the inner tongue lining on the top and the shark teeth on the mid bottom. This will captivate envious eyes when the little lady goes out strolling in the park.
Do you want a bet on how many Jumpman logo can be found on the Air Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink edition? Perhaps your angel would like to count them off starting on the black Jumpman at the upper portion of the bottome exterior sole where your girl gets to read the word JORDAN spread out on the rest of it. What makes it cool is the touch of translucent blue kissing the ground as soon she gets those shoes engaged.Two more Jumpman logos can be found on the tongue and at the back of the sneakers. Sure, she can easily spot these logos as much as her friends adoring her new pair of New Jordan 5 GS Deadly Pink variant. One more can be found on the interior when you get a sneak peek in the opening.Whether your little girl is in nursery, pre-school or grade school, she will surely have the right size for her feet. This pair of stunners come in different little lady sizes to make sure every princess can get a share of its awesome features. See, which one would fit your daughter. http://www.newjordans2015.org/

Which adidas NMD Singapore is your favorite

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The adidas NMD Singapore just keeps the hits coming this fall with another change that's sure to become a hot item after they drop. A brand new women's release, the shoe includes a 'Raw Pink' colorway having a premium mixture of suede wrapping the heel along with a glitch camo patterned Primeknit body in dark and lightweight pink. All of the pink is complemented with dark deep blue rear bumpers around the lateral and medial sides.
Possibly probably the most experimental pair comes by means of a kelly eco-friendly adidas NMD R1 Zebra White People colorway. The basic triangular appears like something in the periodic table with 'Hu' featured inside in white-colored. A black supportive cage matches the Boost midsole unit. A College Red adidas NMD may also be provided with an identical text callout, just with no matching triangular. Which Pharrell-helmed adidas NMD is the favorite?
The adidas Confirmed Application just opened up up reservations for 3 key yeezy products - the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Semi Frozen Yellow for males, the adidas NMD City Sock PK Made of woll for males, and also the adidas NMD R1 for ladies. The reservation window for those three pairs will close on Wednesday, September seventh, with pick-up dates scheduled for September ninth. If you are in 'the zone' and wish to secure some, reserve yours now around the adidas Confirmed Application.

An in-depth look air jordan 1 flyknit ‘bred’ and reviews

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There are finally crisp, clean images of the Air Jordan 1 Flyknit ‘Bred’ and they come courtesy of our friends over at Fastpass. Instead of speculating about the tech specs, we now have a clear view of what is in this iteration of the Air Jordan 1 flyknit bred for sale .


Consisting of an entirely Flyknit upper with hits of premium leather on the Swoosh, tongue and ‘Air Jordan’ branding, this build of the AJ1 is lighter than the other retros of the Air Jordan 1  that have released. Also, a gold “1985” is on the tongue, commemorating the year the sneaker originally released as well as gold “19852017 -XC” to signify the longevity of the said sneaker.

The Flyknit build weighs in at 403.4 grams (about 14.23 ounces) while the leather version of the sneaker weighs in at 420.7 grams (about 14.84 ounces). Whether this weigh difference is actually noticeable is up for speculation because the sneaker has not yet released.

The insole is also pretty thick (6.95mm) so there should be adequate comfort when walking around. Performance-wise, the traction remains the same from previous AJ1 retro models so expect great, sticky traction, but don’t expect anything Earth-shattering as these were meant for lifestyle purposes.

Air jordan 1 performance reviews

Traction – As you already know from the Performance Teasers, the Air Jordan I has great traction. I still won’t give it a full 10 out of 10 but a solid 9.5 will do.

From a front to back standpoint, the traction is incredible. Medial and lateral movements are just as impressive due to the multidirectional circles along with the soft and flexible rubber. This traction surface worked very well on clean indoor courts as well as dusty indoor courts and would probably work well outdoors as well.

Cushion – Again, this is something I went over previously and it’s pretty much a no brainer… cushion wasn’t great. In the video review I show an insole that could help but you can use any insole you feel would work best for you and it would be a huge improvement.

Ventilation – Not much of any but there are perforations featured on the toe as well as a nylon tongue for some ventilation, even if just a little.

Support – None… you can purchase an insole with arch support if needed but other than that they are pretty much a flat based sneaker.

Overall – These were playable, which is the main thing. If you wanted the look or styling of an Air Jordan  I with modern tech you can either swap the insoles out for cushion or opt to purchase the Air Jordan I Alpha which offers many upgrades in every category, most notably the cushion with its Phylon midsole and full length bottom loaded Zoom Air.  http://www.kd10sale.com

L'époux choisit la tenue de mariage appropriée pour

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La dernière robe de mariée Sri Lanka Sari est payée ennemi par la mariée elle-même et est porté à la cérémonie d'arrivée de l'étape de mariage du jour du mariage. La famille de la mariée paie également pour un ensemble de soie de salvai et gileti à présenter au stade de mariage, pour porter à l'enregistrement du mariage, qui sont une chemise et un pantalon pour le marié. Le marié présente le sari de soie à la mariée, ainsi que d'autres articles traditionnels après le stade robe de mariée dos nu pooja de la cérémonie. Cela se produit entre le changement de cette robe de mariée Sri lankaise Sari pour la cérémonie du port de thalee.
Avec la tenue vestimentaire de la mariée, il comprend également un casque ou un voile, des accessoires tels que des gants, sous des slips et des chaussures. D'autres accompagnements incluent les bijoux de mariée et la vinaigrette nuptiale, qui inclut le maquillage et les cheveux. Ceci est répété pour les cérémonies d'aller et de retour. Les demoiselles d'honneur et les filles de fleurs reçoivent également mariage Sri Lanka robe de mariée saris, avec tous les accessoires, le maquillage et les cheveux, et les bijoux.
L'époux choisit la tenue de mariage appropriée pour lui et le parti de cérémonie masculin, y compris les meilleurs robe de mariée sexy hommes et les garçons de Paige, pour les diverses cérémonies. Les assistants de mariage à la salle de mariage ou temple de Toronto sont également offerts avec la tenue de mariage, comme le sont les musiciens traditionnels cérémonie de Toronto.

Pour éviter tout ce que l'envie vestimentaire

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Un bon endroit pour commencer est avec les robes elles-mêmes. Maintenant que vous avez trouvé un peu en ligne, les jumeler par la taille et les préférences de style que vous espérez. Alors, regardez de plus près les robes. Notez combien de temps ils sont, le type de matériel qu'ils sont faits forme et la mesure de la taille. Avec cette information vous pouvez obtenir une meilleure idée de l'aspect et de la sensation de la robe sur votre corps. Une des parties les plus robe dos nu plongeant dures est d'obtenir la bonne taille, mais quand vous connaissez vos mesures, le processus est plus simple.
Pour éviter tout ce que l'envie vestimentaire, gardez à l'esprit que vous pouvez acheter plus d'une robe. Vous pouvez envoyer des robes arrière que vous êtes incapable d'utiliser plus tard. Donnez-vous beaucoup de temps lors de l'achat en ligne. Vous aurez envie de choisir une robe qui se sent fantastique, mais aussi celui que vous aimez absolument sur votre corps. Par conséquent, donnez-vous le temps de trouver quelques-uns, les faire expédier à vous et le temps pour robe mariée dos nu plongeant un autre tour si elle est nécessaire.
Vous pouvez trouver quelques belles robes localement, mais vous pouvez vous retrouver incapable de trouver un que vous êtes confiant que personne d'autre ne porte. Quand vous prenez le temps de rechercher le meilleur dans des robes de bal en ligne, cependant, vous pouvez être assuré que votre robe sera un original. Le meilleur de tous, toutes les autres filles vous enviera!

Un mariage sur un budget limité signifie commencer

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La tradition stipule que les mariages sont chers. Heureusement, la tradition n'est pas toujours correcte. Que vous soyez la mariée, le marié, ou les parents du couple, vous serez heureux de savoir que la planification d'un mariage n'a pas besoin de coûter une fortune. Dans l'économie d'aujourd'hui, en particulier, la planification d'un mariage sur un budget limité est important. La bonne nouvelle est que vous pouvez économiser de l'argent tout en ne sacrifiant pas la beauté de votre cérémonie de mariage.
Pour la plupart des mariées, la robe de mariée est l'un des aspects les plus coûteux du jour du mariage. Si vous gardez quelques points utiles à l'esprit, tout ce qu'il faut, c'est un peu de planification prudente pour abaisser le coût global de votre robe de mariée. Vous pouvez avoir une robe de mariée bon marché qui est bien dans votre budget, tout en étant la belle robe de vos rêves.
Un mariage sur un budget limité signifie commencer par savoir combien d'argent vous pouvez raisonnablement dépenser. Lorsque vous décidez combien vous mettez vers votre robe, c'est la première étape dans la sélection d'un que vous pouvez vous permettre. La prochaine étape est de naviguer à travers la sélection de robes qui sont dans votre gamme de prix. Si vous limitez votre navigation à ceux qui sont dans votre gamme, il sera plus facile de trouver la robe de mariée bon marché que vous recherchez sans être déçu.
Rester dans votre budget signifie s'assurer que la robe de mariage que vous sélectionnez est dans votre taille. Cela signifie être sûr que vos mesures sont précises avant de commander la robe. Si vous n'avez pas besoin de mettre du temps supplémentaire, et peut-être aussi de l'argent supplémentaire, en ayant votre robe de mariée sur mesure pour vous adapter, ce sera à la fois rentable et efficace dans le long terme.

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sexy costumes cheap

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 sexy costumes cheap which she used to model herself boosted its sales from a few pieces a month to several hundred a day after Cai replaced a slimmer model.shoot for her own Taobao shop in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, June 20, 2017. Fan Yiying/Sixth Tone)fashion businessYOU MAY ALSO LIKEMeet the No-Name Models Wearing 500 Dresses a DayChinaKid Models Trade Childhood for LivelihoodWhy 


Wang says that as brick-and-mortar shops dont carry her size, she relies on Taobao, which boasts hundreds of retailers that sell plus-size clothes. But she only buys from those that use plus-size models, which she says make up a small minority.

Another cheap ladies underwear model, 22-year-old Wang Lanxi, says she is anxious about the future of her career. Youth is prized in modeling,she tells Sixth Tone. I have this sense of crisis; I feel like I need to constantly improve so Im not eliminated by this industr

Plus-size modeling agent cute black lingerie Huang Fei (right) measures model He Jiahui during a live stream for a Taobao store in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, June 20, 2017. Fan Yiying/Sixth Tone

Every week, Wang Lanxi presents a two-hour live hot lingerie women stream for a Taobao store with another model, He Jiahui, also 22. The duo try out a dozen new items in front of some 10,000 viewers, explaining which styles pair best.

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